Safety Division of The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ) is a not-for-profit organization that addresses safety needs of manufacturing process accompanying material and energy transformation within the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petroleum industries. Safety Division set a field where people from manufacturers, government organizations, academia, consulting and insurer share safety problems and ideas to improve process safety.


Japanese process industry is in the stage of promoting safety practice in a company by further developing the view of safety control system. Japanese process industry is going to undertake an enterprise increasingly all over the world by globalization. It is becoming impossible to meet the safety needs of Japanese industry discussing safety problems and safety control only within Japan. The needs for a safety control system exist not only in a petrochemical industry but in fine chemicals and the pharmaceutical industry, and are related also to quality control, and are gaining in importance. The participants from industry, academia, etc. must be increased and activities to lead safer process industry must further be activated.


Safety Division is committed to promote the best process safety knowledge and practices based on the ideas such as evidence based, risk based, PDCA cycle and plant life cycle management to protect lives, property and society whole by integrating wisdom, system, experience from manufacturers, government organizations and academia.


1. Safe salon.

The place of networking people concerning process safety.
The place of exchanging problems and ideas between academia and industry.
The place of sharing the common view about a safety control.

2. Safety Symposium.

The place of introducing safety problems and safety practices from a company.
The place of proposing possible solution from Academia.
The place of reporting WG activities.

3. Rural Lecture Series

Disseminating the results of WG activities.
Introduction to actual proof experiment participation.

4. Safety Seminar.

Education and consultation of methodology about a safety control.

5. Safety Lecture

Education of safety control, education of safe culture.

6. WG activity.

Research and development about a safety control.
The actual proof experiment of safety control methodology.
Toolizing of methodology.

Steering Committee Members

Atsushi AOYAMA, Ph.D., Professor

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Purdue University
(Aug. 1989 - Dec. 1994)
Thesis area: Modeling and Control of Nonlinear Processes using Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
Advisor: Prof. Venkat Venkatasubramanian
M. S. in Engineering, Kyoto University (Apr. 1983 - Mar. 1985)
Thesis area: Flexible Scheduling of Multi-Products Batch Processes
Advisor: Prof. Takeichiro Takamatsu
B. S. in Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University (Apr. 1979 - Mar 1983)
Professor, Graduate School of Technology Management, Ritsumeikan University (Apr.2005 - Present)


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